Update on Student Entrepreneur Contest for Haiti

You may remember that we wrote a few months ago about the grant competition that Muhammad Yunus proposed when he was visiting DePaul. Well, the competition was tough, but a winner was chosen!

The winning team! Marly Schott, Frank Procaccio, Omar Farooq, and Nickolas Johnson. Photo courtesy of DePaul University.

An aquaponics/composting farm idea won $10K from the Grameen Creative Lab in the Grameen/DePaul Social Venture Business Plan competition. The Driehaus College of Business produced the winning team, Team Bella Terra. They proposed using aquaponics to raise tilapia and grow crops in an environmentally sustainable way, creating both new jobs and better nutrition for Haitian families.

From the news coverage of the winners:

Aquaponics is a system of agriculture and aquaculture that uses the symbiotic relationship between fish and plants to create a closed loop method of farming. The model involves a fish tank with vertical farming beds stacked above.

The fish produce waste, which works with the bacteria in gravel and plants to create a recyclable concentrated compost. Water from the pond is used to water the plants.

Congratulations to the winning team on their great idea! We look forward to seeing the plan implemented. To read more about the winners and the contest, visit DePaul’s press release: http://bit.ly/LADe8Q or the Axiom news story: http://bit.ly/MqmNuy

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